Early today I've re-uploaded MoRe with my latest drawings, an updated C.V., a new title to the website, and added a new project to the tab "Favors and Assignments".


The changes from this update include an entirely different colorscheme and have made the site significantly better to navigate when on a device with a touchscreen. Also, several new drawings have been uploaded.


Today I've uploaded an entire new section of material. During my internship at Grendel Games I made some nice art and models and I was allowed to put them online. Took me some time to get everything a description but I finally got it done.


Some changes I've made to this site include colors and more compact look. I've chosen this specific design because it appeals to me the most. The colors, the setup, navigation. To me, it's a digital representation of what I'm capable of and who I am. I'm not a programmer but I make due with what I have. And it's getting better with every update.