During my internship at Grendel Games 10% time was introduced. This meant that of all the time you spent at Grendel Games, 10% would be spent on a project other than the ones you were assigned to. The 10% time was at a planned moment, so everyone would be working on their projects at the same time and you could work together with others on a project. I came up with Strangler.

The idea of Strangler was to create a multiplayer game where there would be one Strangler for every five soldiers. The Soldiers have their weapons, the Strangler the ability to teleport from one dark place to another and to heal in the dark. The downside of the Strangler would be that health would slowly decrease by standing in the light. By flipping lightswitches it would be possible to put several areas in the dark or to light them up. To make it fair for the Strangler, the light would have to flicker first, so the player could teleport someplace dark.
The point of the multiplayer would be that no one knows which place is safe. The first map would be a laboratorium, with the Strangler as an escaped monster and the Soldiers as final force between the monsters and the outside world. The scene is spooky, with parts of experiments and creepy devices. Just to set the mood. Combine this with darkness, a teleporting, silent enemy and enemies with the ability to speak to each other across the map and you got a game that's potentially nerve-racking. The course of the game is decided by how your teammates react to the situation, which means that every new game is different from the last.

I was told this concept wasn't original or interesting enough to consider creating. Oh well. Still got the concept art.