Hired for life

One of my last started projects that's still a work in progress is Selirnon. It's a story about a guy who's let's say... hired for life. Just like the rest of his "family". They're forced assassins of a dark government that decided forcing someone to murder your opponents is more humane than having them butchered by someone who enjoys killing. You know, making sure the murders aren't too gruesome and to prevent the agents from going on a sadistic killing spree. And to ensure yourself that your assassins don't reveal their job to the outside world, you just use their loved ones as leverage and keep them apart from the rest of civilization. No problems, right?

How do I make this sound right...

This sounds way darker than it is. True, the story is about people who kill other people. But I'm not writing a story to glorify butchering. Don't even like movies that are all about that. Death as a tool to create a setting or to tell a story is okay, but don't turn it around a tell a story to keep everyone focused on death. My idea is all about how their job affects the characters in the story and what they're doing outside their job. They have hobbies, they have their own fantasies and hopes. I'm trying to create a world where sometimes the impossible can be made possible by being forced to cross the line and deciding to stay there so wrongs can be undone.

So far the only concept art I have is the image posted below. The guy's name is Ascius, he's part of Sel's community too. He is easily offended, great with knives and swords and he loves strawberries.

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