Project Potatoe

My obsession

This is the project I've been working on the longest. Not every week, but still quite often. The name Project Potatoe is a name I've came up with to keep the real name secret, since it might take away some of the surprise.
My skills have improved several times while developing the project and as soon as I found the latest addition was more developed than what I started with, I restarted. My goal -besides delivering a good story- is to create a story that is consistent throughout.

Fourth time is the charm

At the time I've got nothing to show, except some concept art. At the end of june 2014 I've put away the third version of Project Potatoe. I've been working out the characters with all their possibilities and the city they inhabit. I've found that I was too focused on several characters and not enough on the story and other characters that really deserved some more attention.

My goal

What I'm developing is a story about a group of individuals who are trying to work together despite their differences and weaknesses. I don't want to create a world where the death of a character is the last thing you'd expect. If someone dies, they don't come back. If someone's hurt, there will be no magic to restore their previous physical state. I want a world that's real and raw. I'm working on characters that feel real and respond in their own characteristic ways.
I'm not looking to create a sadistic universe where everyone goes down. They might, but it's not a certainty. I want a realistic universe. Maybe it's because the stories I love most are the stories where everyone can get hurt and where the writers place telling a story above saving a lovable character.