Surrealistic art for a realistic woman

When my sister decided she wanted a tattoo, she came to me for a design. She didn't really have an idea of what she wanted, but she knew that she would notice the right design. So I started concepting.
First I started with some random sketches in different styles. The right one wasn't there. My sister then sent me an image of an idea she had gotten. It was a surrealistic image she had found online and she liked the idea. At first sight it was an air balloon with people, but if you looked a little longer, you could see that the basket was actually a hat and the balloon was a dandylion that was being blown apart.

Getting the right idea

After seeing the surrealistic art and hearing the reason of why she chose it, I got an idea of what could be a great tattoo. She wanted something personal and I figured I could turn personal and surrealistic together into something that would be both intriguing and modest.

Same idea, different results

After deciding the base idea was an orangeflower, consisting of an orangeslice on top of a stem with leaves, I encountered a new obstacle. My sister had no idea what style she wanted. She liked the concept, but wasn't sure what style she would like best. So I made the same design several times in different styles. The result is 8 designs in 5 different styles. And one very happy sister.