Great experience with nice results

For school I had to find a company willing to take me as an intern. The company that took me in was Grendel Games. Here I learned more about developing games and using my knowledge and skills to create awesome stuff.

Diamond Dan

One of the games Grendel Games had developed, was Diamond Dan. There were plans of creating a winter themed expansion and I was put on some conceptual designs for a startscreen.


A game I saw growing from the start was Underground. Back then, it was still called Laparo because it was supposed to help surgeons develop their motoric skills while doing a laparoscopy. Working on Underground was amazing. I got to create monsters and plants and had the opportunity to turn some of my creatures into detailed, almost breathing, organisms. Trying out new styles and getting further and further into detail was a challenge at times but quite often very rewarding. Working on this project, I learned a lot.


A game that should have been about solving crimes but ended up being just another project that didn't make it. I made some models for this project and developed my 3D skills some more. This project was great since I got to apply my ideas of realism and didn't really get any guidelines.

Diamond Dan


creature concepts

robot concepts

plant concepts

plant designs

miscellaneous designs