Selirnon by Rianne de Boer / Patient nr 1043


Years ago, I had the idea of Selirnon in mind. I started writing his story. But I had a time where I felt like giving up. The story had become something of a chore, and I lost joy in the characters. I guess around that time, I got really into Guild Wars 2. I made a thief with the same name (throwing away a name like that would just be a shame, I figured), and found myself falling in love with the class. And the character as well.

The backstory of the sylvari is that he had gotten captured by Inquest and lost his eye because of them. Ever since, he's been wearing an eyepatch. He can't stand physical contact much, but carries a scarf to feel less lonely. These two items have given him his trademark look. While the story is not about a sylvari, or a magical world, the personalities of both Selirnons are the same: loyal to those respected, easily angered, emotional, and always trying to find beauty in the world around. Sel has become my main thief, and I felt it would be nice to draw him, looking annoyed as he often times is.

A one-eyed thief, thousands of hours in a virtual world, some bamboo, and Photoshop were used for this piece.

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