Maneater by Rianne de Boer / Patient nr 1043


In Gamedesign we were expected to being able to create concepts for games. My specialty was creating 3D models and it was required to create a gameconcept and some concept art before working on a model. Not every student would end up doing the same, as some students didn't make models and followed tutorials to draw in Photoshop instead. Nonetheless, I thought this system was actually pretty cool. Okay, storytime!

It's the future and the earth has turned into a giant ball of garbage. Lots of humans have died because of famine and pollution. The surviving groups of the human population have taken residence in the few cities that are left.

The story starts with a report of strange attacks on humans. The player is a sergeant who gets sent out to Butcher Street, where the attackers were first seen. He gets sent out with some soldiers to get rid of the Maneaters. What follows is a drama with at the end the revelation that the Maneaters didn't want to get on earth in the first place. They got stranded by accident and had no choice but to eat humans in order to survive until they could fix their spacecraft.

The Maneater was drawn with the use of Photoshop CS4 and my Wacom Bamboo.

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