Entertainer by Rianne de Boer / Patient nr 1043


I guess by now you could say I have a thing for unusual looks, bodymods, and jewelry. Basically anything that can alter appearance or draw attention to certain physical areas. I do not feel guilty.

I love humanoids. And I absolutely love carved up skin waitdidIjustsaythat. Which sounds pretty unhinged, but it's just another flavor on the pizza of creativity. I like the idea of actually lacking skin on certain areas to enhance features of the face. Add some bright eyes, some jewelry, and it's a keeper.



-...being at a party. It's 4AM and more and more people enter the club you're in. The only light is from bright spots in tertiary colors. As people spread out across the dance floor and around the bar, the music changes from upbeat to heavier with a lot of bass. The atmosphere all around changes, and you notice how colors suddenly seem to trail. The entire club seems to be full of magic and you feel ecstatic.
A stage rises from the dance floor, and people step aside, still in trance of the heavy music that's drenched in a nearly mindshattering combination of dragging low tones and high sounding accents. Then there's a person, seemingly crafted in glass and silver, almost hollow on the inside. You have no idea where he's coming from, but with acrobatic elegance he places his feet on the stage. The lights focus on him, and as he dances he throws away the beams, reflecting all that touches his skin. A light pulses through the holes in his skin, and glides outwards towards his hands. Covered in bright blue flames, he pulls everybody's attention to him.

The rest of the night is a blur. Maybe you took a pill too many, or just got blackout drunk. Maybe a fight... But you ended up on the street.

As you rise up from the cold pavement, all you know is your body hurts, and you've become stiff by sleeping on unforgiving cold stones. As you look around, you believe to see around you other party goers, laying on the ground just the same. Your vision is still a bit blurred since you just woke, but you try and step over the people on the ground. As a yawn crawls up from your throat, you subconsciously raise an arm to cover your mouth. Your eyes close and you yawn, but your throat does not feel right. A scraping pulling takes place as the muscles in your neck clench. You open teary eyes to see the most tragic piece of machinery attached to your elbow.
The people all around you have taken form, and the blurry vision is no more. Shocked you see how some people are not even human anymore; their bodies now half machine they still lie sleeping on the ground. Everybody seems to be missing some part of themselves, traded for metal and synthetics.
Disgruntled you look at your new "hand", opening and closing the fingers to see how well it works. It works remarkable well. You pout a bit, and find joy in realizing you can still feel your face. 'That's the last time I'll go to a club named Yunkyard', you mutter as you walk towards the only pub open at this hour. Today, you decide, it's not too early to start drinking before having had breakfast.

This gorgeous guy was drawn to life with a mechanical pencil on simple white paper

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