Human Necromancer

Human Necromancer by Rianne de Boer / Patient nr 1043

Human Necromancer

I love Guild Wars 2. It is a game I have spent many hours playing. One of my favorite classes is necromancer. It is not because you get to manipulate death and are evil incarnate; my necromancer is anything but dark and mean. I love how basic the class is, and one of the best things is death shroud. Death shroud is perfect for when you are getting low on health or are in need of skills you can't equip by simply changing weapons.

I decided to go for it and draw a necromancer getting out of death shroud, still covered in fading smoke of darkness. I wanted the guy to look more alternative than you can customize your character to be. Some nice piercings and tattoos would be perfect, with scars to show life has not been too kind for him. Just something a bit out of the ordinary.

While this guy is a human, I dislike this race due to its plastic look and all round boring appearance. Nothing but sylvari for me!

To bring this reaper to life I summoned heavy paper and mechanical 2B and HB pencils to be my minions.

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