Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang by Rianne de Boer Patient nr 1043

Yin & Yang

A white fish with a dark spot on it's head and a dark fish with a white spot on it's head, forming a circle. A different approach to the "regular" yin and yang.

I've found that when I'm creating something realistic, it's not a good thing to try and make everything as perfect as possible. It makes the character or place more approachable when it's not perfect. And after a while, you find that you shouldn't be trying to create an extreme. If something you're designing is supposed to be an extreme (like good or evil, for basic example), everyone will perceive the person different when the nature of the character comes after the looks. However, if you've got someone who's got a really clear personality, it doesn't matter how he or she looks. Looks help clarify someone's personality, but you can't build a strong character on looks alone. So when it comes to designing stuff, details and the "yin and yang idea" to create an approachable, realistic creature/environment are essential.

For drawing these guys I've used a standard HB pencil first, then I drew over the lines with a 6B pencil and a mechanical 2B pencil. All on standard A4 printing paper.

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