Let's get medieval!

Another story I'm working. Almost get the feeling I should finish one story before starting the other. Anyway...
When I was a little girl of 13 years old I started writing a story about people in a medieval setting. Of course there were dragons, knights and horses involved. Also, there were drugs, hidden agendas and sadists. Yes, this was the idea of a 13 year old. Let's just say I'd rather create a new world than play with dolls or try out my mom's make-up.
It sounds okay, a child writing a story. Got the thing finished when I was 18. It was never really finished. True, there were a beginning and an end, and when it came to the big lines, the story could have been okay. The whole thing was going to get so complex, that after the first book the whole thing would die because some parts of the plot were just too illogical. There was no good chemistry between the characters. Emotions and motives didn't feel right. I felt like I was creating an abomination. Maybe it was time to just put the story away in a dark corner where no one would ever find it.

Sticky like glue

Throwing away a project is easier said then done when it comes to a personal project. Despite me being unable to create a proper story at the time, the characters had taken form in my mind. They had grown from scribbles on a piece of paper to fully functional individuals in my mind. I still had ideas about what I should have done, or how I could make the characters fit in their world. Slowly stories took form and I decided to continue writing.

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