Ice Queen

Ice Queen by Rianne de Boer / Patient nr 1043

Ice Queen

The first character introduced, not to mention the most ruthless. While plagued by perfectionism and restlessness, this person takes the cake when it comes to cruelty towards others out of narcissism. She's cold-hearted, proud, distant, and very lonely. Of all characters, this person appeals least to me, and only after I'd finished drawing her did I find more joy in this project. After all, how could somebody who likes to doodle at times get along with a person known for taking out those with creative skills?

The border to this queen is ice, as if the white covering the edges cannot wait to devour her as she devours hope. Being the cold and arrogant ruler she is, her crown is not something that's part of her essence, rather something forged to please her, as if she can rise even above her duties as a queen.

Chilled to the bone with my cool bamboo, with Phot'arctic shop

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