Kristallen van de IJskoningin (Crystals of the Ice Queen)

Het begin van een modern sprookje (The beginning of a modern fairy tale)

It all started when Catrien Bouman contacted me about making illustrations to her story, Kristallen van de IJskoningin. She sent me the story of the Ice Queen, and after reading the chapter of this person, I started drawing.

While Catrien was happy with the result, I was not. In fact, I did not like this project all too much, though I was happy to have cheered her up.

Apparently this is the real deal?!

Seeing how I have a history of bad luck and often times, one too many mistakes, I felt it was too good to be true anyway. Another nice idea to shatter, another dream to see fade into nothingness. I basically shoved the project to the background since I did not have a deadline. In the meantime drawing other things and developing my skills. And then it turned out Catrien's book was being wrapped up and that made the entire business seem so much more real. Not to mention, heavy. It's one thing to work on something that does not have a deadline... It is something else entirely when it dóes have a deadline and is being published even. So while being excited about the importance of the task, I also was very much terrified of suddenly finding myself in a position to prove myself - my work out in the open and with expectations set.
I got to admit, there were moments I found it tempting to delete everything, declare my pc dead again (I had my pc die on me earlier on, which caused a bit of a delay), and just give up since that would be way easier than having the possibility of being someone. What if people liked my art and would compliment me, or worse! What if there are people who want me to draw stuff for them? What if I fail? was the big question that rose. And yet, I went on. I quit thinking and started doing.

Let me handle this!

Looking back, I am very happy I only started working on the art later on. My skills have improved. And the first drawings I made... Heh, let's just forget about them. I wanted to make something great. Something that would go perfectly well with the mix of magical fantasy and modern-day inventions. I wanted to push my limits. I wanted the regents to have their descriptions match them, yet in a way that they'd still be very unique. And I found the projects had become much more than just drawing according to a pre-set idea. A challenge. How much can I push my limits, how fantastic can I make these people to be?

There were no teeth, after all

While this project started out as something I viewed as an okay favor, the result is anything but. I can say I am proud of what I've made. And I'm proud to be the person Catrien had in mind when she created this intriguing world with tangible nobles to rule seasons. As I am writing this, the project is handed over and my work is done. I did what I could at the time, and scary as the project may have seemed at times, it would seem I have climbed the mountain of doubts I feared would crush me.

Change of season

Change of season by Rianne de Boer / Patient nr 1043

Change of season

I liked the idea of having the seasons be connected to each other, and decided to have this be visible in the background. Laid out next to each other, there is a clear change of color according to the type of season. The colder seasons have colder colors, where the warmer seasons are marked by brighter, earthlier tints. Since the illustrations will be printed, I decided to make them seem part of the paper. Towards the edges, the images gradually turn to white, in the style of characteristics of the regent of the season, or in the style of the season itself. It is as if the foremost piece of the illustrations is a slice of paper, cut up. The background color shines through subtly in the middle, but becomes less visible as the border comes closer. I wanted to avoid a hard edge where the image ends and the paper begins, and believe I've succeeded in that goal.

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